About Us

Plants have always been an integral part of human life.

At Plant Proper we have cultivated an impressive collection of plants to fit every requirement including space, health and air quality benefits, pet friendliness and visual design. We are experts in the plant industry and it is our esteemed privilege to bring our knowledge and passion to your door step, one plant at a time.  Our nursery is located in the Redlands, Florida. This prime location is optimal for the growth of an astounding variety of plant species, making it a mecca for top nurseries in the United States.  It is through our love of plants that we decided to create a direct line between our nursery and the customer. We didn’t want to watch our plants stuffed onto racks that are stacked to the ceiling of a shipping container, only to be unpackaged at a big box store and sold in whatever rough condition they’ve arrived in. Plant Proper is passionate about the pride we have in raising and cultivating our plants, and so we created a business to send our plants direct from us to your door in the condition required to help the plant thrive.

Our unique process starts with our shade houses.

A shade house is often confused with a greenhouse. The truth is that they're similar, but few large factors differentiate between the two. A shade house consumes a fraction of the electricity and energy that a greenhouse consumes. The sun is the hardest worker in our shade house, no need for lights or heaters. Redland, Florida has tropical weather complimenting the natural habitats of most of our plant varieties. This allows us to grow our plants without making large adjustments to the natural surroundings. The shade house is a structure that is covered with different levels or percentages of shade cloths. We have an assortment of sections with different levels of light distribution, which allows us to closely mock the optimal natural growing conditions for our plants. The shade house protects the foliage and creates a familiar environment. It protects the plants from direct sun, heavy rain, strong wind, and excessive heat. The next factor in our process is an important, and usually overlooked one.

The last but equally important part of our process is packaging and shipping.

Plant Proper has taken on the responsibility of packaging your plant and safely delivering it to your door. We are dealing with plants which are very fragile. We want to get our plants to your door in the same condition they were in when they left the shade house. Green initiatives are dear to us thus so we strive to have as little packaging waste as possible. We chose our packaging with the full intention of it being either reused or recycled. We are excited to share with you the pride that is felt in watching a new leaf unfurl, or seeing a fresh stem break through the soil. Plant Proper is a company that values its customers, as much as its plants. Our plant passion will always have us looking for new plant varieties. Communication is key and we will always have a way for you, the consumer, to contact us and have your voice be heard. In working and communicating with our customers, we can ensure that your plant has the best chance at thriving in its new environment and loving home!